NHL mid-season report

NHL With a Macgyver like setup of the rabbit ears, I am right now enjoying some Saturday afternoon hockey as the Bruins and Senators are facing off at Scotiabank Place. As the game rolls on, here are my mid-season awards and a preview of who will make the playoffs.

While Sidney Crosby deserves a great deal of consideration, I am going to have to go with Brodeur at this point. New Jersey is 26th in goals scored in the NHL, and yet they are on their way to winning their division. He already has 9 shut outs, and is as dominating as he haas ever been in his brilliant career. If the Penguins make the playoffs, it’s possible Crosby could take it, but for right now, Brodeur is the man.

uh, let’s see. Brodeur.

Evgeni Malkin is my pick right now. 52 points in 43 games so far as compared to 44 in 51 from his leading competition, Anze Kopitar. No contest.

Tough call. You have between Lidstrom, Niedermayer and Pronger [who would have been a shoe in until he got hurt]. I am going to go with Pronger who was just playing too good before his injury and will continue to build on that success when he comes back tomorrow.

Jack Adams
I am going to go with Barry Trotz of the Predators. This guy has been with the team since their inception into the NHL and has shaped them into a legitimate contender for the Cup. Underrated and due to be recognized.

Art Ross

Dany Heatley

So, who will be making the playoffs?
East: Buffalo, NJ, Atlanta, Ottawa, Carolina, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay
[i know the B’s aren’t there … just not sure they have the goaltending. it all depends on what they do at the deadline, if anything. this coming week will be huge in determining if they are for real.]
West: Nashville, Anaheim, Vancouver, San Jose, Detroit, Dallas, Calgary, Colorado

It’s going to be a crazy finish to the season. Good thing I have managed to pull in CBC.

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