the.otterburne.times vol.1

I thought it was time to offer up the 1st edition of the Otterburne times on the new blog, so here we go:

– I thought that having grown up in a city that has its fair share of cold days, I would be prepared for the Manitoba weather, but I have to say that the recent cold snap we’ve had going on here has just been off the charts ridiculous, to the point where I am beginning to resent all this open space around us. Can I not get a tree, a barn, even a cow to block the wind just a little bit? Come on [said in a Gob Bluth like fashion.] Current temperature: -33 with a slight windchill. Yippee.

– So today is Superbowl Sunday, and I am still not sure where I will be watching the big game. It’ll be here at the apt., at Prov in the lecture theatre on the big screen, or downstairs in the common room if people are in there. My take on the game: I hope that Peyton Manning never wins a Superbowl; therefore, Bears 27-24. [Everyone in MB is on the Bears wagon because of this guy.]

– Lauren and I have been hooked on the first 2 seasons of 24 ever since we got back from ON. It is a pretty awesome show, but I would still go with LOST [returns Wednesday] as the best show on TV. Jack Bauer is the man and we’ll for sure be finding somewhere to borrow seasons 3, 4, and 5 in the not too distant future.

– We have been feeling more at home at FaithWorks lately, going to some young adults events and striking up conversations with more people. We’re hitting up a newcomers brunch next Sunday [free meal!] and we’re feeling blessed to have found such a solid faith community.

– I recently had a problem that has been solved. 2 weeks tomorrow!

– I just finished reading Messy Spirituality by Mike Yaconelli. The book was a call to be real and allow ourselves to accept God’s unconditionaly love. It was a good one. Now I’m going to be starting Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard. It is so great to have a library card at Prov these days.

And that, my friends, is what’s going on in the ‘burne.

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