jack frost is cramping my style

Let me just run down how my week has gone so far. Sunday night was the big game, and I drove over the the school to watch in on a big screen. Colts win [boo], come home, no problem. I was up yesterday morning to hear that it got down to -49 overnight and was at that point -42. I go downstairs to start the car for school, and … nothing. I try to get it jumped, still nothing. I then have to call work and say I won’t be coming in. After trying unsuccesfully to start it up in the pm, we have to scramble to try to find a way for Lauren to get to and from work at the biblio. This morning, pretty much just as cold, and no luck once again, have to call work, try to jump it, no response. In short, the car is not starting, I haven’t been to work all week, and the cupboards are looking pretty bare right now.

So what I am learning through all this? For one, Manitoba is starting to get on my nerves, and spring can’t come soon enough. Seriously though, I am really learning what it means to rely on others for help. I have a hard time ‘bothering’ people with requests for help. I like to be in control and take care of my own stuff, but have had to suck it up and try to get things going here. I think I’m also meant to learn how to react in difficult situations. And I was thinking today about the reality that there are so many others out there that need help, and I need to do something about it whenever possible.

The good news is that someone is letting us borrow their car later so we can do some groceries, and a guy in our building gave me some gas antifreeze. Generosity is a beautiful thing. Hey, Lauren and I wanted something new, some adventure; that was part of the reason we came out here. I just wish it was a ‘choose your own adventure’ so I could flip it to a better page. I couldn’t have predicted this, but one day at a time, right? The only way I can spin it is that God is trying teach me some things, and hope that things work out in the end.

I’ll keep it posted. Here’s to warmer days and running engines.

    • Catherine McLaren (MOM)
    • February 6th, 2007

    Hi Bud……………I am really glad to hear that you are able to borrow a car to go grocery shopping………..with the gas antifreeze have you been able to start your car yet? just curious……………

    Love Mom

  1. HI Cathy and Jimbo (as we call you when you’re not around…). Haven’t seen you two in a long time… too long I’d say…

    Ian, miss you like the desert misses the rain. and i miss bk.
    and…I miss playing video games probably more than the desert misses the rain.
    and I miss staring at Lava lamps at 3am.

    ps- i miss that last one the most.

  2. lewis …
    a) ditto. i miss you too, man. come over.
    b) what’s with this seconday blog you never use?

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