SLAM [and other sports ditties]

Finally, SLAM has returned to my mailbox. Back in the fall, I jumped all over a sweet deal at work where they were offering 50% off the already discounted subscription price. booyah. I have been picking up SLAM’s for the better part of 7 years now, and have fond memories of walking down to Shopper’s with Ty to pick up the latest ish, discussing who we thought would be gracing the cover. The slamup would come right out of the middle and on to the wall, and I would dig right in, reading HYPE, Punks and Trash Talk on the pooper and trying to take my time with the articles, knowing the next on wouldn’t drop for 4 weeks. Anyway, I picked a good time to get back to it, because they have revamped the layout a little bit, and the mag is looking pretty nice. I could have done without another Lebron cover, but the Lenny Cooke, Charles Barkley and Zach [should have been an all-star] Randolph articles were good.

On the topic of sports, I haven’t really linked my favorite sites on to the blog just yet; not sure if I want the extra blutter [yeah, that’s short for blog clutter]. Besides SLAM [which, as far as I can tell, is the best basketball website out there], here are a few of my must reads in terms of sports on the web.

Chuck Swisrky
ONIONS! CCI, brought to you daily from the great [and I mean great] city of Toronto, or wherever the Raps are on the road.

Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy
Regular contributor for ESPN. Hilarious.

Jay Onrait
My favorite TSN personality ever, he sometimes writes a column on their website. Always good for a laugh.

Agent Zero
I’ve become a Gilbert fan this year, and his blog [on top of his ridiculous ability to ball] has contributed to that. Check the latest to see what was going through his head when he decided to throw down off a trampoline at the ASG.

I also enjoy reading Steve Kerr on Yahoo!

If you have any sweet sports sites, feel free to share them through a comment below. I would love to check them out.

    • Mike
    • February 23rd, 2007

    did you hear what Wade was saying about Lebron and Dirk? And did you see the trade for Juan Dixon. That might be alright. Fred Jones wasn’t getting any burn anyway. Jaun probably wont either. How’s your intramural league? I like Bill Simmons too and Gilbert..

    • Ian
    • February 23rd, 2007

    Mike! I did hear about Wade calling out Dirk, but what did he say about Lebron. I have been hearing a lot of criticism of him lately, but from DWade? I thought they were bros. Like one kid at school this week asked me if I had ever heard of the Mario bros … not brothers, but bros. I did like that trade for Juanny D. He’s versatile and athletic, and has 1 less year on his contract than Jones. B-Co does it again! Intramurals were postponed this week due to a conference tourney at Prov. February madness. The #1 seed was Pillsbury College. I was hoping their mascot would be a doughboy. Have fun in Phoenix, my man. Say hey to STAT for me.

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