the brawl

I read about it in the paper this morning, but [thanks to youtube] I finally got a chance to see what went down last night in Buffalo.

Some observations:

1) Sure, the initial hit from Niel on Drury was a smidge late, but not dirty. Drury was caught admiring his pass, not paying attention to the big man skating towards him. It was not from behind, perhaps a bit high.

2) Lindy Ruff is a goon. Throwing out his resident toughs to basically mug Spezza and Heatley is just plain dirty. Yes, I understand he was trying to go tit for tat, but there is a big difference between someone getting hit during the course of play and some goons trying to tackle someone from behind. Sure, it sucks your best player got hurt. Suck it up and go for the W, not retaliation. Props to Heatley for recognizing that he was being targeted and for making the first move with a shove to Peters.

3) Ray Emery is my hero. I love the fact that he was smiling as Biron is skating towards him, and the fact that he didn’t back down from Peters [who was fighting the whole time with his helmet on, by the way]. He might be my new favorite player in the NHL … well, goalie anyway. Nice move by Biron trying to pull Emery down by his pads after getting the snot beat out of him. And Emery continues to laugh in his face.

4) Chris Phillips is a big man. If I was Kaleta [whoever he is], I would not want him standing over me like that ready to bring the thunder.

5) I think it’s hilarious that they tried to catch the audio of Ruff and Murray yelling at each other. Ok, like you weren’t going to inadvertently air some swears in the process. You can clearly hear Ruff saying ‘don’t go after our f-ing captain.’

How can you not love a developing rivalry like this? Just like the old Wings-Avs brawls. Classic. One can only hope these two teams match up in the playoffs once again.

ps. i think this is the first time i have put a video on my blog. whammy!

    • Mike
    • February 23rd, 2007

    dude, that Emery guy is awesome. Does he really have a picture of Mike Tyson painted on his helmet? thats what they said on espn.

    • Chris
    • February 23rd, 2007

    okay okay, ottawa are the heroes of the night EXCEPT that they should be ashamed of themselves for even letting Emery fight a player who isn’t a goalie- all five of those players on the ice should have tackled the no-namer who was trying to mess with their #1 goalie.

    even if emery is a tough cat… that can’t happen.

    • Jim McLaren
    • February 23rd, 2007

    Thanks for the video. I was watching Deal or No Deal and missed all the action. Should be a good game saturday night.
    By the way dod you know Joel Fisher and His girl friend Morgan are engaged.


    • jt*
    • February 26th, 2007

    ian, crazy video! how DID u get it on here?

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