boston’s big ticket

I know in the sidebar it says that I won’t be posting much these days due to lack of an internet connection, but this is too big to ignore. One of my favorite non-Raptors and former NBA MVP Kevin Garnett has been traded to the Boston Celtics. This trade has major implications for the game, not only in terms of temporarily taking the spotlight off the embarassing Tom Donaghy scandal, but also in regards to a possible shift in the balance of power in the Eastern Conference. Hey, if LeBron can take the Cavs to the Finals all by himself, what about the newly formed trio of Garnett-Pierce-Allen? Well I’ll tell you what about that. The Raptors are the defending division champs for a reason, and players 1 through 12 constitute one of the best teams all around teams in the East. You can put all kinds of aging superstars on one team [ahem…the lakers a few years ago], but it comes down to being able to mesh and play as a team, a cohesive unit. The Raptors finally have some stability in the house and are now that team that can take it to the next level.

This is a big move for the Celtics, one that makes them instantly relevant in the East. It’s good for the NBA to have one of their big time franchises back on the map when other big markets like LA, NY and Philly are struggling. However, I have to agree with Chuck; the Raps will still with the Atlantic. Book it!

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