letters to the editor, vol. 1

My good friend Chris Lewis always used to talk up The Normals, a now defunct band headlined by Andrew Osenga. I didn’t really get into them, but when Osenga joined Caedmon’s my ears perked up and through hearing his contribution with the band, his solo stuff and hearing him live a couple weeks ago, I am officially a big fan.

I’m also a fan of free stuff, and on his website, you can download a free [donations welcome] acoustic EP called Letters to the Editor, Vol. 1. I downloaded it last night and I dig it, especially the song called the ball game.

free EP

Check it out.

ps. Speaking of Chris Jackson Lewis, he has a new look for his blog which should be a good read in the coming months considering where he will be living until Christmas.

  1. pooch,

    glimmering gates is my favorite track on that ablum… it was on repeat for weeks…

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