the responsibility to choose wisely

Lately, I’ve given much thought in regards to our free will and the power to choose. When you really take the time to digest just what that means, it’s pretty heavy. While He is all knowing and has the knowledge of what we will choose to do, God has given us the ability to choose for ourselves how we will think and act throughout the course of our lives. While it is true that we are shaped by cerain factors [such as how we are raised, life experience, the people around us, society and culture] and therefore preconditioned to act in certain ways, we always have the option to choose a course that is in line with who God has created us to be. In reality, we often settle for something far below that standard, and muck around thinking that this is just who we are, this is our lot in life and there’s nothing to do about it besides moan and wail, all the while falling into negative patterns of thinking.

It’s all about perspective though, right? Allow me to give a for instance. There have been times over the past month where I have been thinking about having to get up at 4:30 every day to clean toilets and floors etc. and have had a pretty poopy attitude about it. Here is the choice: I can spend the year complaining and feeling sorry for myself, or I can choose to have a positive attitude and see this as an opportunity to be taught what it means to serve and walk humbly with my God.

I was challenged this morning to realize that yes, life is not fair. If it were, we would be in serious trouble, for God’s grace would be taken out of the equation. In reading some of the Old Testament lately, I have questioned some of the things that go on, the wiping out of nations and all the violence. It doesn’t seem to jive with the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels. Lauren told me that she has tried to read the OT in such a way as to highlight God’s grace in the midst of constant rebellion and sin, and that really changes things. It’s the same in every day life; we can choose to look at things through a lens of ‘why is this happening to me, life is not fair’ or we can look for glimpses of God’s many graces in this broken and fallen world.

God has a clear picture of who He wants each of us to be. I’m reminded of that Lewis quote where he says that with each little choice, we are that much closer to being a more heavenly or hellish creature. In everything I do, whether big or small, I hope to make sound choices. In my attitude, my reactions, my thoughts, deeds and interactions with others, my aim is to thoughtfully consider my options and choose wisely. I think that is one of the greatest responsibilities that we have as Christians in the world today, and it’s probably the biggest ‘easier said than done’ challenges I am faced with these days, but one that I am thankful to be aware of.

Have a great Thursday. I am pumped to watch some hockey / the office tonight!

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