a ‘what up?’ wednesday

It’s Wednesday evening, two innings into the World Series, and already the Sox are running away with it. Is it too late to call a sweep? I’m a little bored with the game, so here’s a rundown on what is going on chez Otterburne:

– I played in the Prov intramural football championships yesterday, and it was basically the windiest day on record, so the passing game was a bit off and to make a long story short we scored on the last play of the game but went for two and lost by one point. Ouch. Hockey is up next, and despite having to use a plastic stick [welcome back to Cub scouts], I am pretty pumped about that. Red. For. Life. But, I have to wear blue. Red underneath.

– I am still reading these two books. Jayber Crow is a great one so far, and EMC has also been pretty solid. I am taking my time with it to digest the content, but I just read a great chapter on the security [war and peace etc] issue and how Jesus redefined it through his interactions with the Canaanite woman and the feeding of the 5,000 in Matthew. Good stuff.

– Lauren and I bought a new camera [the Canon Rebel] over the weekend [well, it’s an early Christmas present with significant contributions from family], and we are very excited to start snapping some great pics. Look for those soon.

– I am really hoping to catch The Bourne Ultimatum at the $3 theater real soon. I have been patiently waiting for that one since it came out.

Not too much else going on. I am crazy tired this evening. I don’t really mind getting up so early, and I enjoy the long afternoons, but I need to get some naps in, which I didn’t do today. Oh, and I am officially an every day coffee drinker. I find that 1 cup during my ‘lunch’ break [@ 8.30] really helps to keep me going.

Two more things to do today.
1. Eat some mini wheats.
2. Go to bed.

Good night friends.

    • j
    • October 26th, 2007

    Coffee? Wow look at you all grown up. First the one a day coffee, then the kiddies (which then leads to 2 coffees a day). Its cyclical I guess. Sound like thing aren’t have been in the Canadian arctic.
    Email me your number dogg and I’ll give you call sometime I’ve a lot of afternoons where I just sit around staring at the wall.

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