my NBA preview

[courtesy of ESPN]

The ’07-’08 NBA season opens tonight, and without further ado, here are my official, take it to the bank predictions. I’ll go through each division, * denotes playoff teams.

1. *Toronto – Do you believe in Il Magi? I do. Bosh needs to stay healthy.
2. *Boston – Big three, but who else?
3. *New Jersey – Raise your hand if you hate the Nets? Mine is way up.
4. New York – Just like my high school schedule – no chemistry.
5. Philadelphia – Next A.I. running the show, but it all that matters is that he Ain’t Iverson.

1. *Chicago – Will Kobe be added to the mix? To me, that would sour this nice recipe.
2. *Detroit – Years of dominating East are beind them.
3. *Cleveland – Got Boobie? Cavs in for a serious post-finals letdown.
4. Indiana – J.O. will be traded, Pacer rebuilding will commence.
5. Milwaukee – Need big trio of Yi, Bogut and Charlie V. to mesh well in order to compete.

1. *Washington – Agent 0 gunning for MVP; will play well before opting out.
2. * Miami – Shaq is old, Wade hurting; may not have enough to get into playoffs.
3. Orlando – Not enough rabbits in the hat to get it done.
4. Charlotte – May surprise, but already behind with serious injury problems [May, Morrison].
5. Atlanta – Solid young core, but lacking in experience.

1. *Dallas – Will they be haunted by playoff meltdown? Will still win a bunch of games, and have something to prove.
2. *San Antonio – zzzz … Got insomnia? Watch the Spurs.
3. *Houston – What will the story be – T-Mac’s back, or T-Mac is back?
4. *New Orleans – Could be a sleeper pick in the West; need Peja of old to return.
5. Memphis – Darko days in Memphis; need to get good Gasol mileage.

1. *Utah – If AK47 blends with Williams and Boozer, the Mormons will have a lot to cheer about.
2. *Denver – ‘Melo and A.I. should be used to each other; return of K-Mart would be big boost.
3. Portland – O-Done when then big man went down; R.O.Y. Roy and Aldridge in the spotlight [and on my fantasy team – Go Blazers!]
4. Seattle – Durant is for real; potential relocation could be a distraction.
5. Minnesota – Big Al will be a monster, but could replace KG as great player with no supporting cast.

1. *Phoenix – Keep your behinds on the bench and they could [should] go the distance.
2. *Golden State – One hit wonder? Davis must play the way he did in playoffs and stay healthy.
3. LA Lakers – Kobe will be traded; playoffs depend on who they get for him. Too many distractions here.
4. Sacramento – Rookie coach, Bibby hurt, and Artest is a wild card.
5. LA Clippers – Back to the same old Clips; no chance without Brand.

Finals Picks:
Phoeniz v. Chicago = Suns rise!

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