donald miller @ mars hill

This past Sunday, Donald Miller spoke at Mars Hill. He talked about the idea of our lives as a story, wherein we are the protagonist and we are moving towards the climactic moment of meeting God and hearing the words well done. I listened to it yesterday morning, and was challenged to consider how my story is going to play out in relation to the overarching narrative of God’s story. It’s for sure worth a listen, and you can get the download here.

    • sal
    • January 16th, 2008

    i did listen to it from an ipod cast.
    i thought it was a great way to look at our lives in relation to how we live and who we represent. The story, the journey is ours and Gods alone, were going to fall, and make BAD mastakes, but it is up to us to choose, it’s our legecy directed by God. for some reason this was a great messege for me to listen to, as an actor, my life is all about the story, telling a great story.

  1. This talk at Mars Hill has gotten me excited for the release of his new book. I think we can all resonate with the idea of our lives as a story. Beautiful idea. Thanks for the comment.

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