I was just reading Winnipeg’s Free Press, and here are two stories that caught my eye.

Wedding @ Tim’s
History was made yesterday as Adam Paoletic and Jennifer Smith of Winnipeg exchanged wedding vows at a local Tim Horton’s. “I proposed here because we come for coffee here pretty much every day,” said Paoletic. “Our relationship has grown inside this Tim’s so we decided to hold our wedding here.” Customers sipped their double-doubles and watched the ceremony, and as the happy couple left, their car had Tim’s coffee cups dragging behind it. Seriously, you just can’t make this stuff up. No word on whether or not the ring bearer carried in the rings on top of a Boston Cream.

Dancing Gabe headed to TO for the Grey Cup
It’s official. Legendary Dancing Gabe Langlois will be at the Rogers Centre on Sunday as the Bombers play for in the CFL Championship. Westjet hooked him up with a flight, he got a free room at the Royal York, and he and his brother have two tickets to the game. For those of you not in the know, Dancing Gabe, who suffers from a mild mental disability, is THE #1 sports fan in Winnipeg. He attends every Bombers, Moose, Goldeyes and Bisons game, and entertains the crowd with some serious dance moves during stoppages in play. I even spotted him throwing an inflatable guitar into the mix at the Banjo Bowl in September. When recently asked what prompted him to get up and dance at his first game, he said “I just felt like it.” Awesome. Lauren and I participated in a 5k run this past summer, and who came in 2nd for the men and was throwing out high five’s like they were going out of style? Yeah, that was Gabe. He is the man, and it’s only right that he should be at the game.

Have a good weekend friends. I’m looking forward to sleeping in, picking out some new spectacles, meeting our new little friend Gavin Friesen and watching the Grey Cup.

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