rocket fueled

It appears as though someone other than but just as big as Barry Bonds is about to get tagged as a cheater, and his name is Roger Clemens.

An important report on steroids in baseball is being released this afternoon, and apparently one of the biggest names implicated will be the Rocket. Winner of 354 games and 7 Cy Young’s, still going at age 45, and reportedly in possession of performance enhancing drugs on multiple occasions. If this is true, that means that the accomplishments of baseball’s greatest hitter and its greatest pitcher are called into question, casting a huge cloud over the great game of baseball.

This raises the important question of whether or not Clemens will face the same kind of scrutiny and ire that has been raised towards Barry Bonds. When it comes to asterisk’s and Hall of Fame votes, media coverage and public opinion, will Roger Clemens be as vilified a figure as Bonds?

If it’s true, then I certainly hope so. Many have speculated that the reaction towards Barry Bonds has been largely due to the color of his skin and not the act of using steroids. While I don’t necessarily disagree with that sentiment [although a big part of it is also that Barry Bonds has alienated himself through a tremendously bad attitude], and am beginning to wonder whether the burden of this whole steroids issue is to be placed solely on the shoulders of the players, the reaction to this news will certainly be interesting to watch.

As Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports notes, “Anyone who spent years spewing contempt at Bonds needs to do the same to Clemens, because there is no difference between them. They are just two guys who had it all, foolishly went for more, and have now lost everything.

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