living in the grey

Many people wonder why the Bible doesn’t give straight up answers about the tough questions. Others concoct biblical answers to those questions and defend their positions vehemently as if the Bible has indeed given the answer. It strikes me that the reason there are no black and white answers in the Bible is because life is just not that straight forward. As I get deeper in my twenties, I am seeing that the answers that were fed to me aren’t holding up anymore and that one cannot possibly hold fast to a concrete answer to a question that they have not personally been confronted with.

Understanding that we live in a grey world can be entirely uncomfortable, but I believe that embracing it can, in the end, enable us to more effectively love our neighbor. To hold firm to what is believed to be the answer to a question of our time, removed from an intimate journey deeper into that question, sets us up for a response defined by judgment rather than compassion, for cold exclusion rather than loving inclusion. It’s these questions that, when faced with them, provide a litmus test for exactly how closely we will be able to mirror the love of Christ.

I remember hearing teaching in church that sounded something like ‘don’t sweat the small stuff. and it’s all small stuff.’ In my mind, that should sound something more like ‘don’t pretend to have an easy answer to a hard question. and they are all hard questions.’

That ends my thought du jour. The Guelph leg of our holiday is going well so far. I was able to sup, java and catch up with a good friend on Monday, traveled to Indiana on Tuesday to pick up my brother in law, play some basketball, watch the Raptors on the big screen and do some Christmas shopping today. I can’t believe it is Thursday already. It’s been a good week so far, and I am hoping to catch this movie over the weekend sometime.

Catch you on the flip side.

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