New Year’s Eve was stupendous. In an amendment to a prior post, I now hail Juno as my favorite movie of 2007. More on that later. After enjoying that, Chris, Jason, Lauren and I headed off to the local watering hole to enjoy some appetizers and a cold beverage. We had some great chats and shared some laughs, and then came back to my parent’s house in time to watch Carson Daly interview A-Rod and drop the ball on Times Square, followed by a game of poker.

And now it’s the 1st of January, 2008. A new year. And what about resolutions? I have 4.

1. I resolve to finally break my habit of biting my nails.

2. I resolve to move to Scotland in September.

3. I [along with Lauren] resolve to incorporate more sophisticated language into our vocabularies. For example, instead of saying that something is ‘so good’ or ‘sweet’, we will throw in a ‘tremendous’ or ‘phenomenal’.

4. I resolve to cook one new thing per week in an attempt to move beyond Diana Chicken and spaghetti. The point of this is to be helpful to Lauren while she works hard at school and to expand my confidence in the kitchen.

Here’s to 2008. Should be a good one.

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