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Confession. Various factors have, in the past, led me to watch Grey’s Anatomy. Tonight, however, there is a special reason to tune in.

Caedmon’s Call’s lyrically compelling song about redemption, “Ten Thousand Angels” will receive a rare and lengthy place on an upcoming episode of the ABC hit drama series “Grey’s Anatomy” on January 10th. Featuring vocals by Derek Webb, the song will play for five consecutive minutes during an emotionally charged final scene.

“Ten Thousand Angels” is a bonus track on the group’s current release, Overdressed, which was in the top 5 of iTunes Editorial list of 2007 for overall “Best Christian Albums.”

It’s no secret that Caedmon’s is my all time favorite band [Christian or otherwise], and I think it’s tremendous that they are getting this kind of exposure. I hope that every person who watches that show will download “Ten Thousand Angels” off iTunes because they deserve the love.

Happy Thursday, everyone.

  1. dude. where is that song on overdressed? i can’t seem to find it. hmm.

  2. the song was only released on a special edition version of ‘overdressed’. you can buy it in iTunes though. maybe the best song of the bunch.

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