raptor monday

The past couple of weeks have been pretty heavy on the old blog, so for the sake of mixing it up, today will be all about basketball, specifically the Toronto Raptors. Despite not having cable and only having watched a handful of games this season, I have been following them quite closely through the blogs linked below, namely those of Doug Smith and Michael Grange of the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail, respectively. Daily must reads for any Raptor fan.

Here are a couple thoughts that have captured my attention:

– The Bargnani question: Imagine this. The Charlie V / T.J. trade never happened, and Brandon Roy was drafted #1 overall by the Raptors. With the way Jose Calderon is playing, Ford’s injury problems what they are, and Roy clearly [to this point] a far better player than Bargnani, can anyone say that these two foundational moves by Colangelo can not today be brought into question? I have Roy on my fantasy team, and he has been fantastic this season. Even his Blazer teammate and fellow ’06 lottery pick LaMarcus Aldridge has been outplaying Bargnani. I admit that it is way too early to make a conclusion either way, but if, by this time next year, Bargnani has not stepped it up, then this discussion will need to be had.

– Bosh and Calderon should be locks to make the All Star Game, right Doc?

– There’s a new twist to the Slam Dunk Competition this year. Fans will be able to vote via text message or on NBA.com during the finals. Raptor Jamario Moon will be participating, and is accepting dunk suggestions through Chuck Swirksy. I like the ‘Moon jumps over a cow’ option.

– It seems as thought there could be a blast from the past in Raptorland, as Damon Stoudamire is apparently considering signing with Toronto should he be bought out. I think that would be a great idea, not only because they need a 2nd PG, but also to keep him out of Boston.

– And just as a general NBA note, LeBron James must be the MVP this year.

To conclude, I must confess that although I would consider myself first a hockey fan and then a basketball fan, the truth is that the NBA provides more interesting story lines than the NHL. I am not quite sure why it is, but basketball conversations are just more interesting than hockey ones these days. That’s why when I talk sports on this blog, it’s mostly basketball related.

Have a great Monday.

p.s. Of all the Raptors logos past and present, the one at the top is my #1.

  1. raptors. nice.

    a couple of thoughts…

    – the whole bargnani question is kind of lame. it’s almost absurd to ask “what if” questions. i mean sure if the raps had of hung on the CV and picked roy it would have worked out nicely but we only know this thanks to hindsight. also, you correctly pointed out that it’s a bit early to be calling shots on bargnani. i see him as a dirk kind guy, and it took dirk a couple of seasons to step-up. bargnani just needs to be more agressive and step up his game and i wouldn’t be surprised if we see that happen by the end of THIS season.

    – calderone is in the top 5 PG in the L in my books, along with nash, paul and kidd. superior to TJ.

    – stoudamire is 34. THIRTY-FOUR! but i’d rather have him than martin. if they can get him for cheap i say go!

    – lebron is good, but this is kobe’s year. of all the players he deserves the MVP.


  2. E,

    I’d still do the CV/Ford trade again- (Fords health aside) as CV hasn’t done anything since his nice rookie campaign

    Bargs or Roy? undecided. i’ll wait til the end of year three to make up my mind.

  3. Yeah, I would say that if these doubts about Bargnani are lingering into next year, then the pick can rightfully be questioned. I just can’t help but imagine a Bosh/Roy combo right now. I see Bargnani as somewhere between Dirk and Darko, and for Raps fans sake, I hope he ends up looking more like the German.

  4. check this link from Yahoo. Jose ranked as the 5th best pg in the NBA. Good call Turtle.

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