sunday night on the couch

Yesterday was a bit of a stressful day [see today’s status page], so I welcomed the idea of sitting on the couch and watching Mayerthorpe, a made for TV movie which detailed the events leading up to and including the tragic killing of 4 RCMP officers back in 2005.

Before that came on, we surfed over to another of the three channels that we get and realized that the Grammy’s were on. And unfortunately, we had to flick over just when Kanye West was accepting his award for Best Rap Album. While not a huge hip hop guy, if I was to listen to the genre, Kanye would be an artist I would lend an ear to. However, after watching him accept his award last night, I find myself considerably less inclined to do so. Of the Best Rap Album grammy, he said “this is my award, and called the Grammy’s in general his “place of residence” [meaning, ‘I own this, it’s mine as long as I make music’]. He even referenced other artists ‘complaining’ about him putting out an album at the same time as them, resulting in them having no shot at the award. When the music was cued up to signal the end of his alloted speech time, he began a tribute to his late mother [wherein he declared his intent to be the #1 artist in the world], calling the music off in a tone of “do you not know who I am?” Many people might look at him and say that he is confident; he knows who he is, what he wants, and feels he deserves to be recognized for his musical ‘genius’. I find it hard to look at it that way. It is hard to get behind someone who feels so entitled to the accolades that their music receives that they are unable to express genuine gratitude. Maybe people dig his ‘confidence’, but it was rubbing me the wrong way last night.

Once the movie came on, the channel surfing ended and we rooted ourselves into the story of Mayerthorpe. I must say, for a TV movie, it was quite well shot, and the acting was strong. I had no real sense of the background of the events, and was pretty disturbed to learn about the shooter’s past and how the justice system failed to prevent this incident by allowing him to be a free man. He had been charged 44 times with various offences, and had only ever served 2.5 years in prison due to loopholes in the system and suspected intimidation of potential witnesses who would have testified against him. I also did not realize how young thr fallen officers were; one had only been on duty for 17 days prior to the incident. It is a sad story, and we greatly benefitted from learning more about this Canadian tragedy.

And that’s the story of our Sunday night.

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