let’s get political

*Think Daniel 6 when reading this post.

Remember that old Offspring song that delivered the line ‘you gotta keep ’em separated‘? That’s how most people today feel about the relationship between Church and State. Religion is fine and dandy, but keep it private; do not attempt to bring your beliefs and practices into the public space, for it is meant to be kept neutral.

The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that it is impossible to even consider that any kind of separation between Church and State is possible. But, that does not necessarily mean that the relationship has to fit into the parameters that we see played out before us every day in the news.

What I am learning these days is that the Church, the body of Christ, must be seen as a deeply political body. I’m not talking in terms of conservative and liberal, republican and democrat, pro or anti homosexuality and abortion. What I mean is that the body of Christ takes up space in the world and, in doing so, is meant to bear witness to a new way to be human whereby we proclaim that Christ is Lord. And through that prolamation, we live in a way that brings the Kingdom of God into the world, a Kingdom whose priorities, politics, ethics, economy and social order is vastly different from what we see in the world today.

As I mentioned yesterday, it has been suggested that the greatest political move that we can make is the act of communion, a public display of the City of God in the midst of another city that is passing away, a declaration that Christ alone is Lord.

How would the world be different if we truly believed that, if, in the words of Derek Webb, “our first allegiance is not to a flag, a country, or a man, to democracy or blood, it’s to a king and a kingdom?”

Tell me that is not a deeply political statement.

Have a tremendous weekend.

  1. March 6th, 2008
  2. March 12th, 2008

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