will ferrell sports movie, take four

When it comes to movie reviews, there’s no better place to turn than Rolling Stone and Peter Travers. Unlike your local newspaper, Travers does not beat around the bush when reviewing a movie. He’s honest, to the point and can easily reference any comparable movie when listing off strengths and weaknesses of the film in question. In short, he knows a good movie when he sees one.

Which brings me to today’s release of the latest Will Ferrell offering, Semi-Pro, which, in his review Travers gives 2.5 stars [out of four]. In perousing the RS site, I noticed that Travers also has a movie blog, the Travers take, wherein his latest post deals with Ferrell’s recent propensity to take on the sports movie genre and whether or not he’s getting caught essentially playing the same character over and over.

My take is that, regardless of the movie, Will Ferrell is hilarious in almost anything that he does. While the movie as a whole may be on the lame side [to wit, Blades of Glory], you can always count on a good gut busting thanks to one of Ferrell’s characters.

For my money, I am more a fan of his non-sports movies, specifically Anchorman, Stranger Than Fiction, Old School, and his brief but classic appearance in Wedding Crashers [not to mention his work on SNL and the videos on Funny Or Die].

I probably won’t be rushing out this weekend to see Semi-Pro [something I have rarely done while in Winnipeg anyway, thanks to the $3 Cinema City], but you can be sure I will watch and laugh sometime down the road.

Based on the picture below alone, I think I will be more excited to go see this summer’s reuniting of Ferrell and John C. Reilly in Step Brothers.

Have a fantastic weekend. I think the weather is going to be near 0 here in the ‘Peg, so we’re going skating at the Forks!

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