I dug dig the black and blue that I was laying out for the past few months, but now that we are slowly but surely coming out of the depths of winter, I needed to revert back to the brighter side of blog format spectrum.

I thoroughly enjoy the ‘Unsleepable’ format, and really, who doesn’t want to be like mike?

You have the pertinent blog info to your right [search bar, recent + top posts, and the archives / categories in a nice dropdown format], and some cool links at the bottom of the page [I just added a bunch of sports links, bottom right].

I’m debating whether or not to sign up for the ability to tinker with the format so that I can change the pink to blue. Is that worth $0.04 per day. I’ll get back to you on that. I do wish it was free.

In other news, I am crazy tired today. The combo of sleeping in three days in a row and the time change really messed up my sleeping pattern, and I caught a bad case of the ‘can’t sleepy’s’ last night. I didn’t roll into bed until 1.30. Not good, although I did manage to avoid a case of the morning grumps. Check back on that a little later.

Also, the fourth stage of the Prov intramural calendar begins today with the opening of indoor soccer. I haven’t played organized soccer since the grade 8 team at Jockvale Elementary, and the best advice the coach gave us was to constantly yell ‘boot it!’ Helpful. Did I mention we won basketball, and Buckets dropped 5 points, including a nail-in-the-coffin three during the championship game?

Have a tremendous monday.

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