one month

In exactly one month, Lauren and I will be heading back to Ontario.

I am looking out my office window, and if I didn’t know better, I would think that April 24th is a long way off. There are mad flurries coming down, and some crazy wind to blow the white stuff around. But, I know that in one month we will indeed be packed up and Guelph bound.

I a) can’t believe that our time in MB is almost up, b) have mixed emotions about leaving, and c) am trying not to get too anxious about moving and all the things that have to happen over the next weeks and months as we go through all this transition.

Should be an interesting spring / summer. I am definitely jazzed to head back to Ontario for a bit and to go from Otterburne to Aberdeen living.

Here’s what else is on my radar right now:

– Lauren surprised me with a copy of Shane Claiborne’s Jesus For President as an Easter / baptism gift. I am very much looking forward to digging in, as this book addresses a lot of stuff that I have been thinking about lately. Watch for some posts on that in the future.

– We watched a couple good movies over the weekend: Atonement and Gone Baby Gone. That latter was better.

– My personal sports universe is currently in peril: the Raptors are at .500, the Bruins are clinging to a playoff spot, and the Jays appear to be headed for another season of mediocrity. And I must say that I am looking forward to watching some playoffs on the in-law’s 52 inch TV.

Back to the top of the post, please keep Lauren and I in your prayers in the coming weeks, especially in regards to moving, applying for UK visas and jobs in Ontario for the months that we will be there.

Happy Monday.

Grace and peace.

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