Over the past month or so, I have made my way through both series of Extras, and just last night we watched the Christmas Special wrap up.

Most people have heard of the Office [thanks to Michael, Dwight, Jim and Pam], but the brains behind the original [and better] UK version were none other than Rickey Gervais and Stephen Merchant. They tag teamed again to write, direct and star in Extras, and again, they have come up with pure comic gold. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t like it as much as the Office, but overall, both are probably better than most anything else I have ever seen on TV [comedy wise, except for AD].

Extras is the story of Andy Millman, a struggling ‘actor’ trying to catch his big break. When he finally does, he tries to walk the line between fame and fortune and artistic integrity. Along for the ride are his dim witted friend Maggie and his good for nothing [but a few laughs] bumbling agent. Every episode features cameos from some big time stars, the highlights being Ben Stiller, Daniel Radcliffe and Chris Martin.

Here is a clip of probably my favourite moment from any of the 13 episodes.

Ricky Gervais is, in my books, one of the funniest guys out there, and I have to respect the fact that he can provide the laughs both on paper and in his performance. He can also mix in some heart into his work, and I like that. He is currently working on his first Hollywood film called This Side of the Truth, which he co-wrote and will star in with a solid supporting cast. He is hilariously bloggingthe movie making experience.

All this to say I am a big Ricky Gervais fan, and if you haven’t seen either Extras of the UK Office, get on it.

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