there will be blood

Lauren and I went and saw There Will Be Blood this weekend. I had been wanting to check this movie out for a few months now. It was not an easy movie to watch, and it took a lot out me in that I felt drained after it was over. But it was so worth it, and I would rank it as highly as any movie I have seen.

I don’t think my synopsis / review would do this movie justice, so I would recommend that you read Peter Traver’s review from Rolling Stone.

This is a brilliant movie, one that takes a lot out of you but is worth the almost 3 hour investment of time. Daniel Day-Lewis, as the relentlessly ambitious oil tycoon Daniel Plainview provides quite possibly the greatest acting performance I have ever seen, and P.T. Anderson proves once again that the best movies are the ones that turn their backs on the popular yet increasingly boring Hollywood movie formulas.

This movie was a lot like No Country, but without the glimmer of hope that is presented by the retired sherrif at the end. Wait, that’s not true. I would say that Plainview’s relationships with H.W. and Henry provided some hope that he was able to experience some joy in his life, but both relationships are eventually trumped by his inability to let people in. Both movies demonstrate the rawness of the human condition, that we will allow pride, greed and ambition dictate our steps, doing whatever it takes to get what we want. To me, they are sad commentaries on the state of things, and demonstrate the need for light in the dark places.

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