the homestretch

Five days left of work @ Prov. Ten days until we hope the border back into Ontario. That deserves a Joey Lawrence type ‘Woah’. Things will probably be pretty busy for the next little while, but hopefully I’ll be able to keep the blog fresh and updated.

Two quick sports related points for you on this beautiful soon-to-be 18 degree Monday:

The Bonehead of the Week goes to the clown who decided it would be a good idea to place a mural of the Sens and Pens shaking hands after last year’s 1st round right outside the visitor’s locker room @ Scotiabank Place. Great way to motivate the opposition before games 3 & 4.

And I can’t tell you how happy I was when this happened:

Have a good one.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that, thanks to a farewell from work gift card, I picked up the new Shawn McDonald album on Friday. It’s called Roots and it’s phenomenal. That guy is quickly becoming one of my favourite artists, Christian or otherwise. I’ll try to get a full review up sometime because it’s worth devoting some time to. Real quick, there’s a heavy Psalms / Proverbs influence, and it’s a perfect album for popping on the iPod and sitting outside on a warm day, or for the hours spent in a U-Haul driving through Northern Ontario. Check his myspace page for a taste.

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