my manitoba playlist

I dig the idea of a personal soundtracks for different chapters of life. If I track back over the years, I can see how certain songs or albums can evoke memories of different times and places gone by. For example, when I think of our first year of marriage in Toronto, I hear bits of Death Cab’s Plans [which I bought @ North York Centre and used to listen to on the late night YRT bus rides down Yonge St.] and Derek Webb’s Mockingbird [the songs from which we first heard at his concert shortly after our wedding and the album I consider to be one of my all time favourites]. Going back further, the Tyndale years sound like Coldplay’s Parachutes, Lifehouse’s No Name Face and Caedmons Call’s Long Line of Leavers [among others]. And I could go on, back to Camp Sebago or high school etc.

I say all this to introduce my Manitoba playlist. This music has provided the soundtrack for the past 20 months or so, and will always have me thinking of our time here.

Jars of Clay – Good Monsters
On the first of my two birthdays celebrated out here, Lauren bought this CD for me. She had placed it on the passenger seat in our car so that I would find it there as I left for work. I promptly popped it in the player and immediately dug it. We also had the great fortune to be able to see Jars play most of the album [along with several old favourites] @ Winnipeg’s beautifully old Burton Cummings Theatre.
Key Tracks: Light Gives Heat, Oh My God, Good Monsters

United – All Of The Above
My parents came out to visit in June, and my Dad bought me this CD while we were walking around downtown Winnipeg. This happened to be right before Lauren and I took our epic road trip to Banff, and I have a vivid memory of listening to this CD on the Sunday morning as we were making our way through Eastern Alberta. We had left Medicine Hat very early in the morning to begin the second leg of the trip, and we listened to these songs as we drove under the big blue Alberta sky and as we anticipated finally seeing the mountains after driving across the prairies. I also listened to this CD on many quiet and early mornings while working the early shift back in the fall.
Key Tracks: Devotion, Desperate People, Hosanna, Lead Me To The Cross

John Mayer – Continuum
Lauren’s brother Brett gave this to us as a Christmas present, and it was heavily listened to during the long winter months of 2007. I grabbed two tickets to see John Mayer live @ the MTS Centre for Lauren’s birthday, and since he has been a musical staple for Lauren and I over the course of our being together, that was a huge treat.
Key Tracks: Heart of Life, Gravity, Stop This Train, In Repair

Jon Foreman – Fall & Winter EP’s
I can’t count the number of times that Lauren and I made the drive between Winnipeg and Otterburne, but I do know that after I bought these two mini-albums off iTunes this past January, Jon Foreman was frequently serenading us down highway 59.
Key Tracks: The Cure For Pain, White As Snow, I Am Still Running, Equallu Skilled

The Killers
I snagged Hot Fuzz off the discount rack at the HMV at St. Vital mall a few months after moving here, and it quickly became a staple on the drive between the ‘Burne and Grunthal when I was working as an EA. I have come to quite enjoy the Killers tunes while here in MB, and have come to own both Sam’s Town and Sawdust in recent months.
Key Tracks: All These Things That I’ve Done, On Top, Read My Mind, Mr Brightside (Jacques LuCont’s Thin White Duke Remix)

Caedmon’s Call – Overdressed
Caedmon’s has been my favourite band for close to a decade now, and I always get jazzed when a new album drops. I was especially gleeful about this one due to the fact that Derek Webb was returning to the band. Lauren and I were introduced to this album through the joy of seeing Caedmon’s live. They had only ever been to Canada once before, and they just happened to come to Winnipeg during the period of time that we were living here. Awesome. D. Webb didn’t make the trip, but it was still a great show to promote a fantastic album, and Overdressed was THE car music for the fall, until we left it in Guelph at Christmas. oops. I also listened to it many times on the morning shift.
Key Tracks: Hold The Light, Sacred, Need Your Love, Always Been There, Start Again

Mute Math[self-titled]
If I was only allowed to pick one album that will always cause me to think of Manitoba, this would be it. I first heard these songs while surfing around the ‘shared’ folders on my iTunes, and I bought it when Lauren and I made our one and only shopping trip to Grand Forks, ND. I could not stop listening to this album. It was in the car all summer, topped the ‘most listened to’ count on the iPod while working, came with us to Alberta and on camping trips, and still today, one year later, gets heavy playage. I absolutely love this album, and it will always stick with me as the music of the Manitoba experience.
Key Tracks: Noticed, Typical, Control

I think that about covers it. I could have easily added the Once Soundtrack, the latest from Lifehouse, Switchfoot and Jack Johnson or Feist and The Fray. But I will stick with these.

It just goes to show you how important music can be in terms of enhancing our life experiences and serving as a reference point for good times along the way.

I wonder what the soundtrack for the next chapter will sound like.

  1. if you ever get a chance to see mute math live, don’t think twice. just go.

  2. shoot. too late. they came to winnipeg last summer and i passed it up. next time.

    • provhouse mike
    • April 17th, 2008

    “I wonder what the soundtrack for the next chapter will sound like.”


  1. November 6th, 2009

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