big night

Within the hour, the one and only Chris Jackson Lewis will be knocking on the door, and the reunion will be on. The evening will involve a trip to Pizza Pizza and what will NOT be the last Raptors game of the year. If things get really crazy, we may also revisit our youth and grab some slurpees. Needless to say, it is shaping up to be one fun evening.

Tomorrow should be pretty solid as well, as Lauren and I will be heading into the city [‘the city’ now referring to Toronto and not Winnipeg] to a) submit our visa applications for Scotland and b) meet up with some friends chez Lone Star. That will be tremendous.

And yes, I have changed the layout of the blog once again. I was looking for a fresh, plain look. This theme is called ‘the journalist’. Sounds pretty professional, right? We’ll see how long it lasts, but I am into it right now.

  1. Glad you guys made it to Ontario safe and sound. Missing you guys already. Good luck with the visas – hope all goes smoothly and that the process is easy. Enjoy your time with your friends.

  2. Kara – We miss everyone out there as well, and thanks for the well wishes about the visa. Lauren was able to apply for hers, but I was actually too early! I will have to go back and apply in a month or so. Hope all is well in MB.

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