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For what was meant to be the most exciting playoffs ever, the first round of the NBA tournament has been a bit of a dud. My rooting interest was fixed on both the Raptors and the Suns, and they both went down pretty early. And every other series has gone pretty much how I expected them to. The only series that is providing any drama is the Hawks v. Celtics, which will either be the biggest upset in playoff history [bigger than last year’s] or a serious waste of energy for the Celtics that, even if they win, could hurt them down the road.

Despite the fact that one series is still undecided, the 2nd round begins tonight, and I have decided that I am going to jump on the Hornets bandwagon. Why? Because a) Chris Paul is becoming one of my favorite non-Raptors players in the NBA, b) I would like to see MoPete do well in his post-TO career, and c) I am sick of the Spurs. As much as most people are hoping for a Lakers / Celtics final [which even I admit would be pretty cool], I am pulling for the team that just does not seem to get any respect despite having a tremendous season and a dominating series against the Mavs.

Go Hornets!

  1. hmm. i actually don’t think the celtics will make it to the finals. i think that detroit will take the east, and really, can anyone stop the lakers? they just look too good. i see a detroit/lakers final with the lakers in 6!

  2. the way the hornets are dominating the spurs, there is no reason to think that the lakers are unbeatable. i certainly won’t be rooting for LA. detroit is looking pretty good too, and will probably get a nice long rest before the conference finals.

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