diagreeing well

I’ve begun reading the final part of Jesus For President, and they are beginning to share some examples of what it means to live as one bound to the politics of the Kingdom. There is one quote early in this section that really hit me, and I wanted to share it right now:

As I continued to wrestle with complex human and political issues, I revolved myself to one thing: the starting point must be that the church is a place where we can grapple with difficult questions with grace and humility. And I believe that, even more important than thinking identically on every issue, we must learn to disagree well. Our ability as a church to disagree well is a powerful witness to the larger society as our uniformity on every issue.

That one got me. Learning to disagree with others in a graceful and humble way is certainly a challenge. There are an infinite number of disputable matters in the Church, and there are two things that can be said about that: a) it’s quite possible that they may never be resolved until it’s all over and b) our propensity to throw other believers under the bus lest they disagree with us on what are by definition debates without verifiable conclusions leaves a tremendously unsalty taste in the world.

In other words, we must learn to disagree well because disagree we will.

For more on this, listen to the sermon from Feb. 17th @ Mars Hill – I think that’s one, anyway.

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