two weeks [ish] down

We have made it through the first two weeks @ Nestle, and are now blessed with a full week off. The rainbow line is most assuredly not the place to be. We have basically been opening up individual cases of flavored water and creating multi packs. It’s worse than it sounds, trust me.

I actually didn’t make it through the two weeks as I got sick at work and was forced to come home early last night. Lauren toughed it out and I am pretty proud of her. Fortunately, I was able to watch the season finale of LOST, so I guess that made the throwing up bearable. [Side notes about the finale: a) I did not make the right call about who was in the coffin, b) it seems weird that they have to go back, because most of the characters that we know and love have already been killed off the show, so it’s not as if the viewer [me anyway] cares that much about saving the leftovers, and c) that donkey wheel deal was a bit weird too. And there’s lots more I could say, but most people probably don’t know what I’m talking about. End note.]

Is a summer ’08 career change on the horizon? Stay tuned.

The good news, as I said, is that we have a week off, and the opening weekend will be a nice one. We are heading into Toronto tomorrow for Psalms for the Springtime, a concert which will feature A Suite of Psalms composed by the one and only Jason Locke. We will be heading to Brampton after that to meet up with my family, who are around to watch Emily and Noah play a band concert in Newmarket on Sunday. As for the rest of the week, we are hoping to hit up Wonderland where I will try to talk Lauren into riding the Behemoth. [It does look a bit scary, I do confess]. After that, who knows?

One more thing. I picked up Barack Obama’s memoir Dream From My Father with my Chapter’s gift card, and I am excited to dig into that. Chapter 1 was good, a bit scattered though. Kind of like this post, actually.

That’s the update from Guelph. A non-life update post is coming soon, I promise.


    • Paul Randell
    • June 1st, 2008

    I’ve been on the Behemoth and it is scary but it’s also freakin amazing!

    • Sabrina
    • June 1st, 2008

    I like the life updates…it makes me feel like you two aren’t so darned far away. So Nestle is that bad? Wow. Who knew custodial work at Prov could be a ‘dream job’? Hope you’re feeling better, and that you and your most beautiful wife enjoy your time off. Much love from the Friesens.

  1. @ paul – we drove by it yesterday, and that first drop looks nuts. but i think we’re going to do it. this week. wish us luck.

    @ sabrina – yeah, it’s nice to be able to check the blogs and see what’s up in MB. we couldn’t believe seeing otterburne on the news the other day with that twister. i’ll let lauren update you on the job situation. hope the friesen three are all doing well.

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