guelph living

I’m sitting in the newly revamped sun room chez the in-laws for the first time this summer, and we have a nice breeze rolling in the patio door and open windows, with some looming storm clouds on the horizon. Lauren and I officially start our new jobs this evening, jumping right on the phones and taking some camping reservation / change / cancel calls. Our week of training was actually pretty fun, and hopefully what we don’t yet know will come with time. I have been spending the afternoon brushing up on my French as I am technically a bilingual call centre agent, but am admittedly a little rusty. A few jitters aside, we are for sure happy with the new job and hopefully we get off to a good start tonight.

This past weekend was a good one. On Friday, we had a nice meal with Lauren’s parents, followed by some ice cream and a viewing of Transformers. On Saturday, I got up and drove to Burlington to grab the GO train down to Union to meet up with Lewis for my first Jays game in a couple of years. It was a perfect day for baseball. The Dome was open, the street meat was tasty, and we scored some pretty nice seats right on the field level. I literally could touched the turf from my seat. I was hoping to disrupt the game by picking up a ball that was hit down the line and creating a ground rule double, but only a couple balls were hit in our direction. Oh, and the Jays are not good. I tried to start a ‘Fire J.P.’ chant after former Jay Reed Johnson [why is he a former Jay again?] hit a revenge dinger, but it didn’t catch. Not so good game on the field aside, it was fun to hang with Lewis and go to a game. And to top it off we saw Mike, Ashlee and his parents who were up from Pittsburgh at the game. Always great to see the Mackneer’s.

Next on the list of things to do in Toronto – TFC.

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and although I wasn’t able to make it to Ottawa to spend time with my Dad [Happy Father’s Day again, Jimbo], we did have a nice day. We went to church [Lauren and I taught the Youth Group Sunday school class], and then we hit Banks Farm and met up with Lauren’s Dad, stepmom and her grandparents. It was nice because this was where Lauren spent her childhood, so I was able to see all her old play spots. Then we went to see some folks from Lauren’s Mom’s side of the family. After some Pizza Pizza [always good], Lauren, her brother Mark and I went to play some soccer with some young adult’s from the church. We weren’t sure if we should go out, after almost seeing some funnel clouds [almost but not really] develop and an extreme storm warning in the air, but we thought ‘what the heck?’ and went for it. And it was so fun. Until it started pouring and lightninging [is that a word?] After drying off, Mark and I topped it off by going to a friend’s house to watch Game 5 of the NBA’s and play some poker. I came in second, which is a good result for me at this stage in my poker career. I started singing “I want my money back money back money back … ” and I got it.

And that’s what is up with us.

Time to go relax before work.


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