viva la coldplay

I debated the merits of buying any new CD’s during this summer of saving for Scotland, but when it came to the new Coldplay, I couldn’t resist. Ever since the days of putting Parachutes on perma-repeat whilst studying @ Tyndale, Coldplay has been a fixture among my favorite bands, and my affection for their music has only been augmented by this latest release.

Viva La Vida was everything I hoped it would be from the bands 4th album, both less and more of the same. I have dug the standard rising and swooning fare of the past, and while there are elements of that in these new songs, I enjoy the branching out and trying something new and different. The song I have connected with most so far is Lost! which combines driving tribal beats with their familiar guitar stylings and Chris Martin’s astounding vocals. I also dig the use of strings in Viva La Vida and how Martin often dips down to the lesser used lower reaches of his vocal range in a few songs. The Lovers in Japan / Reign of Love combo is also a highlight, as are Violet Hill and Death and All His Friends. Forget it, they’re all good. As a bonus, if you download this bad boy off iTunes, you will receive a beautiful piano version of Lost!

Lyrically, there is obviously a political vibe to the album, and nothing beats this:

No I don’t wanna battle from beginning to end
I don’t want a cycle of recycled revenge
I don’t wanna follow Death and all his friends

In short, this is an album that I currently can’t get enough of, and possesses the rare quality of presenting a track list that is downright enjoyable from top to bottom.

Grade: A

  1. I agree completely. The first song I heard from this album was Violet Hill. I was instantly a fan. I was at their show at Madison Square Garden in June and it was amazing. Lost was possibly the best song from a visual standpoint; about 8 or 10 globes decended from the rafters lit from the inside, changing colours with the vital word from the current line in the lyrics projected onto the sides.

    The whole show was truly amazing.

  2. Color me jealous that you saw them live. They are playing in Scotland in December, so anyone wondering about Christmas gift ideas …

    • Sabrina
    • July 2nd, 2008

    We lamented their cancellation of the Winnipeg show…much like we lamented the loss of the White Stripes. Sadly we seem to be teased with the thought of great shows, only to be repeatedly disappointed. Still haven’t heard their latest, but am more motivated to now – especially after such a spectacular review.

    Are the truly playing where you’ll be in winter? That’s fantastic. Here’s to hoping Coldplay in Scotland becomes part of your seminary memories.

    And just in case you wondered, we continue to miss the McLarens. Wishing our lives were running in closer proximity. Big hello to you and your beautiful wife from us 3.

    Love you guys.

  3. Sabrina – it got canceled? that is a shame. when i saw that they were scheduled to play at the MTS, i caught a case of missing winnipeg. they are indeed playing a couple of shows in glasgow in december. that would be truly great.

    lauren and i are missing the friesen’s as well, no doubt about it. we miss hanging out with you and ken, and seeing those pictures of gavin makes us wish we were around to see the little guy grow up. hopefully our paths will cross soon and / or often sometime down the road.

    at least there are blogs and facebook to keep in touch.

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