the mclaren ticker

Like a sports ticker on the bottom of the screen keeping the viewer fully up to date, here’s the relevant news in the world of the McLaren’s.
– – – – –
Lauren and I, along with her two brothers Mark and Brett, spent the last couple of days @ Bear Lake [between Huntsville and Parry Sound] with their Dad at step Mom at their trailer. It was a fun time of relaxing, swimming at Seguin Falls, playing cards, enjoying some great food and adult beverages. Great times with the family. Check the facebook album for some pics.
– – – – –
We have our flights booked for Scotland. We will be flying out of Toronto after 9 pm on the 5th of September, arriving in Glasgow the next morning and then training it up to Aberdeen sometime that day. Can’t believe how quickly that is coming up.
– – – – –
The 2001 VW Golf TDI will soon be going on the market. Anyone interested?
– – – – –
When I was working with the grade 5 class in Grunthal, the kids were all over the Bone comic book series. I thought they were pretty cool, so I went to the local library and picked up the first 7. I am in the process of reading them at work [allowed, by the way], and I dig them. I also picked up the Dark Knight graphic novels and am looking forward to reading those as well.
– – – – –
I have always been a big fan of the Fan 590’s Prime Time Sports, but lately I have been tuning in to Drive This on The Score. It’s described as the first ever truly authentic sports talk radio show; A unique and one of a kind sports radio talk show, Drive This! is truly for the hardcore sports fans. The most interesting, bizarre, hilarious, hot button issues from the world of sports are discussed in a completely uncensored, thought provoking and genuinely passionate manner unlike any other sports radio show. I find myself downloading the daily podcast and enjoy the authentic banter. Check it out.
– – – – –
And I am not working until 7 this evening, a rare short shift day. I am going to enjoy this rainy day, taking advantage of a slow day on the brink of a wild August leading up to take off.

    • Melissa
    • July 30th, 2008

    Emily has read and enjoyed all the Bone books as well!!

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