august rush

No, this is not a pot about the movie starring Charlie Bucket [which i haven’t seen, but Lauren just did and said it was pretty good]; it’s about the fact that today is the 4th day of the month of August, exactly one month and one day before Lauren and I fly to Scotland. It seems like only yesterday that I drove the U-Haul out of Otterburne, and three months and two jobs later, it’s all happening. This month is going to be bananas as we try to tie all the loose ends before moving. Throw into that working as much as possible, trying to see family and friends [beginning with a trip to a cottage @ Long point over the next couple of days, and a McLaren family BBQ next week], our 3rd anniversary next week and maybe some Olympic viewage, and August is going to fly by. Yikes. I am getting pretty excited, I can tell you that.
– – – – –
To take my mind of all the craziness, I am all over Entourage these days. A buddy from work let me borrow seasons 1-3, and I am well into season 2. And I love it.
– – – – –
My good friend Chris Lewis is in Africa right now, and you can follow the trip as he posts on his blog.

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