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For people whose weekend has been Tuesday / Wednesday for the past couple of months, Lauren and I have been able to do some pretty fun stuff. A bunch of peeps from Lauren’s Mom’s family gathered at a cottage on Long Point, and it was a fantastic time. The beach there is unbelievable, and the weather [for the most part] was some of the nicest we have had all summer. A storm came in on Tuesday night, but that only provided some pre-weather waves on the lake that were reminiscent of the Tyndale leadership retreat circa 2001 at the Pinery. Throw in some good food, pontoon boat rides / tubing with a speed boat, playing catch and a nice bike ride to the nearby P.P., and it was a just a great getaway before the madness that will be August. [more pics here].
– – – – –
Quick sports note: I am sick of Brett Favre. I hope that he and the Jets suck this year. Dude should have stayed retired. Can the world please move on now?
– – – – –
I have been reading the book A Complicated Kindness by MB author Miriam Toews, and it is quite good. I have already snagged another of her books from the library. Check her stuff out if you’re stuck on what to read next.
– – – – –
Whether you’re pumped about Pineapple Express or not [which I confess that I am], Seth Rogen is one funny man. Prove it? OK. Check the footage from Letterman. [Note: If I had to choose between PE or Tropic Thunder, I might go with the latter.]

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