“blow it out your ass, j.p.”

That was a comment made today by Toronto Star columnist Richard Griffin on Prime Time Sports in reference to Blue Jays GM J.P. Riciardi and his assertion that Canadian / recent Jays call up Scott Richmond would be better served realizing his dream of pitching in the majors that pitching for Canada in Beijing.

Personally, I second Griffin’s comment. It is completely ridiculous for Richmond to have been called up to pitch for the Jays rather than be a major factor in Canada’s Olympic baseball hopes. Instead of pitching in a big game against Cuba later this week, Richmond will be starting at Fenway in an essentially meaningless game for a team that realistically has a snowball’s chance in sheol of making the playoffs. What benefit is it to call him up at this point in the year? Why not let the man pitch for his country, and then pitch a few September games? To suggest that making a few starts for a .500 team is better than a shot at representing your country at the Olympics and competing for a medal is bananas.

At 28, and after a long haul in the minors, Richmond relishes the opportunity to pitch for the Jays, but admits he is glad he didn’t have to make the decision between Toronto or Beijing. I applaud the guy for getting a shot at the bigs, but as a Canadian, I think it’s a dirty shame that he won’t be pitching for the red and white.

This is just another in a long series of boner moves and comments by a GM who is hanging on by a slim thread.
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In other Olympic news, I was thinking about cheering for the Spanish basketball team, as they feature current and former Raptor players Jose Calderon and Jorge Garbosa. That was until I saw this questionable team photo. What in the world were they thinking?

    • Jason Locke
    • August 12th, 2008

    he he he…yeah…what were they thinking…what an odd pic…

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