stress level: low

It occurred to me yesterday that I am remarkably calm about the idea of moving to another country in less than a month. Usually during times of transition, I can get a wee bit stressed and start to worry about every little thing. Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case right now. I am just straight up excited.

Maybe it’s the fact that moving has become old news, this being my 5th big move in the past 4 years. Or maybe it’s the fact that the potential biggest concern prior to moving to Aberdeen [aka finding a flat, as they say] has been resolved for a couple of months now, and the fact that there is great comfort in knowing that we have a place to hang our hats on the day that we arrive. Or, most likely, it’s the knowledge that this is exactly what Lauren and I are meant to be doing right now, and that has been confirmed and affirmed so many times over the summer it’s ridiculous.

Sure, there are major [selling our car] and [countless] minor details that need to be looked into over the next few weeks, as well as trying to get together with family and friends before we head out. But overall, I am feeling really good about this next step.

Fun couple of days coming up: a McLaren / Gaus family BBQ at my aunt and uncle’s place in Brampton tomorrow, and a three years of marriage celebration on Wednesday.

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