contact info

Some people have been asking about our address and phone number, so I thought I would post it up so everyone can be in the know.

14 Sunnybank Pl
AB24 3LA

Phone: (01224) 630018

Yes, we now have a phone number. I was able to set that up today as our banking information arrived earlier than expected. It won’t be activated until Monday the 15th, and there’s still the matter of purchasing a telephone, so don’t try to ring us just yet! We are happy to have that ready to roll, and hopefully home internet will soon follow.

The past couple of days have been pretty fun. Yesterday, we took a long walk down the Esplanade, the road / bike path that follows Aberdeen’s coast line. As you walk down, you have the sea to your left and a typically flat and grassy UK golf course on the right. At the end of the path, you come to Pittodrie Stadium, home of Aberdeen FC. We popped into the team store and I picked up a nice red team scarf, which will come in handy during the winter and will be a nice souvenir as well. Hopefully we can get to a game sooner than later. Today we have been back and forth from the school taking care of some business and deep into the job search for Lauren. Not sure what is on tap for this evening. We do know that Saturday is the Open Doors day here in Aberdeen, where you can visit many old city buildings that aren’t typically open to the public. It happens once a year, and we will for sure be all over that.

Thanks to all for the blog comments, emails, prayers and encouragement. It all means very much to Lauren and I, and we appreciate the constant flow of support.


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