random notes from the ‘deen

Good Monday morning, from Aberdeen.

Saturday was Doors Open Day, so Lauren and I got up cloudy [as opposed to bright] and early to scope out some of Aberdeen’s finest old buildings. We stepped into more than a few beautiful churches, the old town prison, a Masonic temple, a Quaker meeting house, an old school and a couple church bell towers. It was pretty neat seeing these historic places and taking some cool pictures, and we were glad to have arrived in time to catch this annual event.

We visited our first church yesterday morning. It’s called City Church, located near the city center. It had a casual, laid back FaithWorks feel to it [which, of course, was a positive], the music was tremendous, and the people were really friendly. [side note: we were chatting with this grade 10 kid for a few minutes, and he was telling us about ‘Neds’ from Glasgow, trouble making kids who throw bricks through windows etc. I’m totally incorporating that term into my vocab.] We will probably check out a few more churches, but there were positive vibes from this one, and we will go back at some point. And that some point may be as early as next week. Can you say free lunch? Hello!

After that, we went back to the flat and crashed. We have been walking around this city every day, and needed a day to relax. Having said that, it has been a pleasure getting to know this city, and we are slowly but surely feeling more and more comfortable here. Just as 5 Rubicon and Otterburne before it, Aberdeen will begin to feel like a ‘home’ to us before too long, I am sure. It’s find to find cool places in your neighborhood and around the city that become your ‘spots’. And the weather, while cloudy, has been pretty good so far. It has rained a couple times, and has not been too chilly just yet. Typical fall weather.

Today will involve buying a phone and an alarm clock, two things we sorely need now that we will have a phone line and need to get up at certain times. Oh, and can I just say that I am still very much getting used to the traffic flow around here. I have no idea where to look when I am crossing the road, and find that most people don’t use the pedestrian crossing lights, but just wait for holes in traffic and book it across the street.

I obviously didn’t see this live on Saturday night, but, thanks to the miracle of the internet, I was able to enjoy this hilarious clip from the premiere of SNL.


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