in our neighbourhood

We live on Sunnybank Place here in Aberdeen. In this same neighborhood, there is also Sunnyside Rd., Sunnyside Walk, Sunnybank Rd., Sunnyside Terrace, Sunnyside Ave. and Sunnyside Gardens. To the west of us, you have a bunch of Elmbank streets, and to the east, the Froghall area. It’s interesting how they organize things over here. Anyway, that little tidbit is meant to introduce a few thoughts abour our Sunnyhood, and a couple of great spots we have found just around the corner from us. First, we have the Old Aberdeen Bookshop, this great little used bookstore that is probably smaller than our bedroom bu stacked floor to ceiling with all kinds of books. If you know Lauren and I, you know that we love browsing around in used bookstores, so we’ll be there more than a few times I am sure. Across the street from there is the Creperie, a small lunch place that serves great sandwiches and [of course] crepes. We stopped in the other day, and I ordered a banana / nutella crepe. It was served all rolled up and you eat it straight from the bag, and it was about as tasty a treat as I have ever eaten. It is going to be quite difficult to pass by without creping it up from time to time. Some pence will be set aside for that tasty treat.
– – – – –
Lauren and I are planning a weekend excursion to Edinburgh, taking advantage of some down time before school / work begins. We’ll be gone from Thursday until Sunday, at which time a recap will be posted. Until then, Lauren has posted a bigger album of Aberdeen pics on her profile, so check those out.


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