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I logged on to the blog and noticed that it looked a bit different. I guess wordpress made some changes to the format. I don’t mind it, but plan on tinkering with it a bit more when we get solid access in order to give it more of an Aberdeen feel. Stay tuned. Oh, and apparently you need to click on the ‘without comments’ to leave a comment. It doesn’t mean that this, or any post, is meant to be without comment.
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It’s Fresher’s Week here at the Uni, which means there are people almost a decade younger than me all over campus causing a ruckus. It’s a bit too much for me handle. I’ll be glad when classes start and I can study in the quiet halls of the Divinity school. I am meeting with my academic advisor on Thursday, at which time I will pick my courses and get my schedule. It’s a bit strange, being a student again. I haven’t been a full time student in five years now, and I am used to working and supporting Lauren while she was in school. The role reversal is a bit of an adjustment, but I am pretty jazzed to dive into student life again, that is for sure. Lauren is in the process of securing employment for the year, so please continue to keep that in the prayers. She has applied to several jobs here at the Uni, and it would be tremendous if one of those were to work out.
– – – – –
As hockey season gets underway, it pains me to think that I won’t be able to watch a lick of it this season. It was nice to see that my boy Patrice made an impressive comeback after missing 11 months with a concussion. I have high hopes for my B’s this year.
– – – – –
If you’re a sports fan and the reading type, I suggest you get out and pick up a copy of A People’s History of Sports in the United States: 250 Years of Politics, People, Protest and Play. I am a huge Dave Zirin fan, and would highly recommend checking this out. I am hoping to track down a copy over here. You can also read Zirin’s weekly web column @ Edge of Sports. Great stuff.
– – – – –
I think we might be headed to a Starbucks downtown tonight as the Aberdeen Uni Christian Association is hosting an acoustic night. It sounds like something we might enjoy, provided the music is decent. If not, I suppose we’ll get a latte out of the deal. Maybe tomorrow we’ll have some time to post some Edinburgh pics.

Cheers for now.

    • Jay
    • September 24th, 2008

    your pictures are breath-taking…i wish i was in one of them…

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