nhl ’08-’09

Even though I am all up in football country [literally zero coverage of any of the major North American sports in UK newspapers], my focus is still on the puck. As I have done for the past few years, I now present to the readers of this blog my NHL preview.

Playoff Teams

Comment: The East, in my mind, is becoming the stronger conference. I see a bit of a shakeup in the Wes this year, with some up and coming teams making strides and taking things to the next level [ie: Oilers, Hawks, Coyotes]. Some teams in the East have gone through their growing pains and are establishing themselves as elite teams [ie: Penguins, Caps, Flyers]. Detroit, especially after adding Hossa, is still the class of the league, and will win the President’s Trophy.

Stanley Cup Finalists:

Comment: The two conference finalists that didn’t make it last season will take the next step. It can be argued that if Dallas had not come off that tough series against the Sharks exhausted, they could have beaten the Wings. With a full season from Richards, some added grit with Avery, and Turco finally building on his success last season, the Stars will come out of the West. The Flyers are a young team that gained valuable experience during last season’s run. They run nine deep up front, possess a mobile yet tough core of D-men, and have maybe the best young leader in Mike Richards.

Cup Winner:

Art Ross:

Sidney Crosby, Penguins

Hart Trophy:

Alexander Ovechkin, Capitals


Henrik Lundvist, Rangers


Zdeno Chara, Bruins


Kyle Okposo, Islanders

Jack Adams:

Wayne Gretzky, Coyotes

Every one of these prognostications will come true – book it.

It all starts tonight, midnight local time! And I probably won’t get to watch one game all year.

Go Bruins.

  1. Wow no love for the Western Conference except for the Gretzky nod. The finalist picks are interesting, and I’d like to see that final myself.

    • whitsport
    • April 8th, 2009

    Looks like you did a fairly decent job with your preseason picks. Ovi a solid #1 for Hart Trophy, and Philly looks like a major contender in a stacked Eastern Conference. I didn’t see the Bruins coming at all, at least not this soon. It looks like I’ll end up picking 7 out of 8 right in my preseason eastern conference predictions, but certainly didn’t see things playing out the way they have this year. Stars would have been a good choice in my mind too, I think the Wings still have to be the favorites though, nice blog

  1. January 29th, 2009

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