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It’s Monday [now Tuesday actually], so that means an Aberdeen update is in order.

This past Friday evening, Lauren and I decided that her getting a job was obviously something that needed to be celebrated, so we went out to this great little Italian restaurant called Rustico. You might not think that North East Scotland is known for good Italian cuisine [and you’d probably be right], but this place was so good. I ordered the Lasagna, and Lauren ordered this chicken alfredo linguni. A couple minutes after we got our food, we looked at each other and immediately wished that had ordered what was a cross the table. In the words of Michael Scott, ‘Yaaaaaaankee swap!’ Great move. It was a wonderful evening, and I am very proud of and excited for Lauren as she starts her new job.

On Saturday, we ventured down to Union St. Now, when we were in MB, it was pretty windy. I’m talking window shaking windy. But on Saturday, the wind here was incredible. We were walking down the street, and were literally stopped in our tracks. Thankfully it was warmish wind. We made our way to the library, where we have signed up for this sweet deal where you pay a flat rate for 12 months, and can take out up to 4 CD’s and 4 DVD’s at a time. Considering the cost of a rental here at a place like the ‘Buster, that is an amazing deal that will pay for itself in a couple months. I picked up a few Sufjan Stevens CD’s, a guy that I have always heard about but never checked out. Now I know what I have been missing. Instant favorite. We also experienced a first in our marriage: we picked up a cell phone! Oh sorry, a mobile. With Lauren taking the bus across town to work, we figured it was a must. We have finally joined the 21st century. Now we just have to learn how to send a text and we’ll be so with it.

Sunday was spent going to church and enjoying a Young Adults Fellowship lunch.

And as the week began, Lauren has started her new job and I am settling into a solid routine of reading and writing. As I mentioned, I have already handed in one big assignment, and have two major papers to do pre-Christmas. In a couple weeks I will be making a decision on my thesis topic [which I think I already have in mind anyway]. In my Pastoral Care class yesterday, we talked about the idea of lament, and that will have to be a separate blog post because it was amazing.

Time to head off to school and read some of my NT Theology prof’s large book on the topic, a book we own and Lauren has read in its entirety, but due to weight restraints we weren’t able to bring.

Oh, and we often get weather related questions. This week, we’re looking at single digits temperatures, possibility of snow / sleet today, generally sunny and/or partly cloudy. And it looks like there was some frost on the windshields this morning. Correction. After I went outside, it looks like it was actually a bit of snow. Other than in some shady places, it’s already gone. No snowballs today, I’m afraid.

Do I see snow in the forecast for Ontario?

ps. My second year Tyndale roommate, the one and only Bradley Lyle Johnson, has started a blog. Brad is one of the greatest people I know, and I anticipate good things from this small acre of web space.

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