monday notes

I’m trying to remember if there was ever a time that, as a student, I was up, showered, dressed, finished a cup of tea with a load of laundry spinning, all by 8:30? This is definitely a first, especially since I a) didn’t drink tea @ Tyndale and b) rarely, if ever, washed my sheets. How things have changed! Now that Lauren is up and at it quite early, it feels good to get up and start the day with a nice hot cup and a quick check of the North American sports scoreboard.

Here are some quick notes from Aberdeen:

– Our weekend was pretty good. We had a lovely evening on Friday, cooking up some pasta with fresh bread and some adult beverages, followed by a movie. On Saturday, we went down to a crazy busy Union St. and did some errands. We managed to pick up Season 6 of Curb Your Enthusiasm from the library, which I am very excited to watch. Things then took a bit of a turn as Lauren got a bit sick on Saturday night, so we stayed home on Sunday and took it easy. Overall, a quiet weekend in Aberdeen. Those come in handy every once in a while.

– I mentioned last week that we finally picked up a mobile phone. We quickly discovered that one phone in Lauren’s hands is pretty pointless if I am not home to receive her call. So, I made one of Lauren’s dreams come true by picking up another pay-as-you go deal on a nice pink phone. I hope the salesman didn’t think it was for me.

Quantum of Solace opened up here on Friday. We were planning to go and see it tomorrow night, so we went to the theater to pick up some advance tickets. Did I mention that you can actually buy tickets for specific seats when you go to the movies here? Anyway, Tuesday shows were already completely sold out. Bummer. Maybe next week.

– Lauren is going to be attending her first Aberdeen Women’s Fellowship gathering tonight. That should be fun for her.

– I have been trying to find some good new music lately [new to me anyway]. The latest band that I am thoroughly enjoying: Wilco.

Chris Lewis is right now on UK soil, at Heathrow in London on his way to Sudan. I looked into catching a train to meet up with him, but 3 train changes and 14 hours later, it wouldn’t have left us with much time to catch up. Too bad. Check his blog for details of the trip.

– Brad has a fantastic post up right now about church and vacuum cleaners. Check that out.

– My school work schedule for the week is looking heavy. I have class today, all the usual reading to do, and some plugging away at my papers. I have decided to do my NT Theology paper on the topic of discipleship, looking at the writings of Barth and Bonhoeffer on the subject. This could turn into a bigger enterprise [aka thesis], and I am looking forward to taking a closer look at what discipleship is and what it is meant to look like today. There are some lectures at the uni this week by Dr. Joseph Mangina from U of T, so I will check those out as well. It might give me a preview of my next educational step.

And that is it. Time to eat some Shreddies and get on with the day.



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