nerd alert

I’m generally not one to be giving out any kind of tech tips, because I am rarely savvy enough to suggest that I know what I’m talking about. And that probably will remain the case with this post, but whatever.

We had our first dissertation preparation session today, and the librarian came in to give us a big to do about research and bibliographies etc. After she left, the course tutor mention zotero. I came home and downloaded the program, and I have to say that I am quite impressed. It functions as a firefox extension and allows you to collect, organize, cite and take notes on research sources.

So let’s say I am using John Swinton’s Raging With Compassion in a paper. This little beauty allows me to a) create folders for different papers that I am working on, b) input the necessary bibliographical information for the book, c) type up and save notes on each chapter, and d) will neatly compile this and any other book / journal article that I use into a full bibliography in the format that I need.

It’s so handy it hurts.

If you’re a student, or writing a dissertation just for fun, I highly recommend it.

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