Good morning from Aberdeen …

… where it’s 8am and the sun won’t rise for another 33 minutes! Ah, the Scottish North-East.

‘Twas a busy but non-eventful weekend around these parts. Lauren had to work on Saturday for her school’s Christmas Fayre. It was a nice day, so I walked it over there to meet her and then we went to the city centre to do a bit of shopping. We came home for a bit of supper, and then settled in to watch The Family Stone. Lauren was pretty beat, so she fell asleep, but I was up for a double feature, so I watched Kung Fu Panda, which was actually pretty great. Yesterday, of course, involved some church, and then some Sunday Skype time with Lauren’s family and Chris Lewis.

I have two weeks left in this current session – two weeks within which to finish off a paper and my thesis proposal. And then, it’s all about Paris! It will be odd not being at home for Christmas, but we’re in a unique maybe / probably once in a lifetime situation, and it will be good to take advantage of some down time from school and work to see more of this part of the world. Lauren is off for two weeks as well, and we are looking forward to a nice break together.

I guess we got a preview of some of the nasty Scottish winter weather last week, with some crazy wind and rain. Looks like the forecast for this week is looking pretty nice, with temperatures in the single digits but sunny. The sunset @ 15.27 is taking a bit of getting used to, though.

I suppose that’s about it for now, just a quick note this morning. Time to get ready for the day ahead – class, reading, typing, and drinking loads of tea!

Hope everyone is doing well.

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