new york, we have a problem

Former college roommate and good friend Brad Johnson wrote a great post the other day about consumerism and Christmas, which I would recommend checking out.

It got me thinking about another December tradition, namely baseball free agency. Around this time every year, MLB GM’s gather to hand out some Christmas cheer in the form of obscene amounts of money to free agents.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the current world economic situation in relation to the world of sports. [For great ongoing discussion on that, I would suggest listening to Drive This on a daily basis.] Within the last few days, some crazy news has been coming out of New York. On one hand, we have both major league teams set to open brand spanking new stadiums this coming season. The city has already granted them $1.5 billion to help finance these structures, and now the Mets and Yankees are asking for an additional $450 million from the city. At the same time, the news breaks that the Yankees will be paying C.C. Sabathia $161 million over the next seven years to pitch for them, and the Mets are set to pay K-Rod $37 million over the next three years to be their closer.

When you consider all of this, and the fact that a seat behind the plate at the new Yankee stadium will cost about $2500 a game, when do we as sports fans begin to actively respond to this ridiculous disconnect between sports and reality? These New York baseball teams want to take a dip in a $2 billion pool of much needed city money while at the same time throwing out obscene amounts at guys to get some strikeouts?

Sure, you have to consider the revenue generated by these teams and stadiums, but hearing about this is enough to make me dislike the Yankees even more than I already do and, more importantly, really consider when I, as a citizen of this world within the current economic climate [where 535,00 people lost their jobs in the US alone last month], and as a Christian trying to sort out how to faithfully answer the call to follow Jesus, decide that enough is enough.

The way things are going, the wide world of sports as we know it may look drastically different within the next five years anyway. Something has to change, right?

    • bradleylylej
    • December 15th, 2008

    it’s just friggin ridiculous! I agree Ian, it’s time to decide, when enough is enough. this cannot go on.

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