on why i am not a fan of don cherry

There are, of course, many examples I could cite on why I am not a fan of Don Cherry, but the most current is this clip from Saturday’s Coach’s Corner.

His basic argument is that the Washington Capitals are a first place team because they enter the arena looking professional, whereas the Ottawa Senators and Tampa Bay Lightning are struggling because they dress like “thugs” who are planning to “steal your hubcaps.”

Here is the clip of this latest brilliant rant:

Mike Fisher, seen in the clip as an example of such thuggish dressing, replied with the following comments:

“Our dress code hasn’t changed in the nine years I’ve been here and we’ve been in first place for a lot of those years. I haven’t dressed differently. Some nights I wear a tie and some I don’t. When it’s cold, I’ll throw a sweater over top. If you’re wearing a trenchcoat you can’t even tell anyway. Seeing some of his outfits, I don’t know if he should be commenting.”

Well said. Anyone who knows anything about Mike Fisher could tell you that he is far from being a thug. He is, by all accounts, an upstanding citizen of the city of Ottawa, hardly a threat to steal your car.

What baffles me is that Sean Avery has basically been temporarily, if not permanently banished from the NHL for making a joke of poor taste whereas Don Cherry has been spouting offensive and ridiculous comments every Saturday for years, and people see him as a hero. It’s actually quite embarrassing that this man ranked 7th in the Greatest Canadian competition.

  1. What Don is saying is kind of right though.

    If I’m wearing a suit, I feel different. I tend to act different and carry myself different.

    But Fisher was a bad example, I thought he was dressed fine there, he was just wearing a toque.

    • Ian
    • December 17th, 2008

    I get that, and agree with professional attire and the attitude it brings along with it. But when you take into account the context of geography [much colder in Ottawa that in Washington] and who he was talking about, it is pretty ridiculous.

    • Sabrina
    • December 17th, 2008

    I too dislike Don Cherry. In true feminine fashion, it is due in large part to his ridiculous attire. Could he be screaming “notice me, I think I’m cool” any louder? Ridiculous.

    Missing the McLaren’s these days. Especially today, as I put G in the red hooded, striped onesie he got at his shower from Lauren and you.

    Hope that you are keeping well, in spite of the rain and cold. Big hug to your lovely wife from me.

    • Ian
    • December 18th, 2008

    Sabrina – I’m sure that G is dressed for success with all the shower gear he has been hooked up with over the year! We are always missing the Friesen Three, and hope you have a great holiday together. Hope you’re staying warm. It seems to be pretty chilly in the ‘Peg these days.

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