philippians in one year

If you’ve been downloading Rob Bell’s Mars Hill sermons over the past year as so, you would know that he has been working through Paul’s letter to the church @ Philippi essentially verse by verse since last January. I believe that I have listened to all of them, and it has certainly been an enriching experience.

This past Sunday marked the end of the series, and Rob Bell read aloud a letter that he wrote to the church in Mars Hill and to all those who listen via podcast. He even says “to those in Europe who listen while doing the dishes” – dude is speaking right to me! This is one sermon that I will for sure be keeping on my computer, and would probably benefit from giving it a weekly lesson. I would highly suggest that you go and download it ASAP. It’s from Dec. 14th, entitled ‘A Letter on a Letter.’

Lauren and I have also begun reading his latest book Jesus Wants to Save Christians. I’ll admit, I am not yet hooked nor have I read anything new in the early pages, but I trust that it’s setting up something great and I am looking forward to giving it a full read over the holidays.

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