study break

I am currently enjoying a mocha break at the zeste lounge / tiki cafe, a favorite spot of mine at the uni. It’s usually pretty busy, but most students are still on holiday, so it’s delightfully quiet right now and I can read all the newspapers I want. I’m deep into the NT Theology of Howard Marshall [no relation to Bill], and am up to ten pages of typed notes to work through before the 19th. Not quite as exciting as Paris, but a rewarding all the same.

I will admit, however, that I it is hard to stay focused right now. Here’s what is keeping me from my studies.
The big news in the UK these days is the so called deep freeze that we are experiencing. Apparently, when the low temperature approaches -10 and the fountain in Trafalgar Square freezes over, it’s a big deal. Pensioners receive 25 pounds a week, schools close and drivers are urges to stay off the roads. From my perspective, this weather is great. I was out and about this morning, and was loving walking around with no toque and enjoying the sunshine hitting the granite. Everything is all about context and perspective, I suppose. Compared to winter in Manitoba, I’ll take North East Scotland any day.
In the paper I just read, there was a full two page article on why Tintin must be a homosexual. The article cites Tintin’s determination to save his friend Chang as evidence. I read that Tintin story a couple of years ago to a fifth grader, and neither of us came to the conclusion that this article has. The article also suggests that Aslan and or C.S. Lewis was a white supremacist. Solid reporting [pause] not.
I managed to watch the Junior gold medal game yesterday morning on TSN On Demand after the fact but without knowing the outcome. I was amazed at the football like flopping skills of the Swedish goaltender. In case you missed it, here is a video of his antics.

I bought the new downhere album off iTunes the other day [thanks to bro-in-law Mark for the Christmas gift card]. This band has been one of my favorites for years now, and while I had heard mixed things about Ending Is Beginning, I am enjoying it quite a bit. While their new tunes might lack a bit of their former edge and some lyrics are a touch on the fluffy side, I would put songs like Hope Is Rising and All At War up there with some of their best stuff.
I picked up the first part of Band of Brothers from the library today. I have only ever heard good things, and am jazzed to watch it.

One more chapter to go in the Marshall book.

Back to it.

    • Jim
    • January 7th, 2009

    -10 temperature must seem kind of mild compared to the -40 temperatures you suffered through the last two winters in Winnipeg. We are having what looks like a blizzard today with about 20cm of snow and very windy.

    L Y

  1. it is supposed to be +12 on Sunday with no sign of snow in the near or distant future. no complaining about the weather from us. Canadians are special people to put up with all that year in and year out. Hope the drive home is ok for you Dad.

  2. the goalie flop? first one yes. second one- the canadian player completely undercut him with his right leg… i’d say it was a dirty play.

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